Travel Writing or Something Like It

Way back in 2004, I left my home country for the first time and spent a semester abroad in Greece. Since then, I’ve found it difficult to stay put. I mean, there’s so much to see! All of these wanderings have informed a great deal of my poetry, but it’s also nice to have a prose outlet for travelogue and photography. When I originally found Triptease, it seemed like a great way to share my photos and talk about the places I would/wouldn’t recommend. Unfortunately, I think it’s become more about selling hotels these days, but I figure I might as well keep posting on it until I run out of destinations to talk about. For example, I just posted a little blurb about some remote ruins in Turkey. PS – if anyone likes the look of any of the photos I’ve posted on Triptease, I’m sure I could get some prints made and framed for a reasonable fee. Just saying.


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