A Constitutional in Carshalton

As I’ve mentioned previously, I’m doing a poetry reading weekend after next (Saturday 20 June 12-1pm) as a part of the Carshalton Festival. Up until this point, it’s all been internet research for me and that’s a poor substitute for the real thing. So, Lucy Furlong and I recently met up with some of the other writers involved and took a stroll around the area. In short, it was lovely. What a fascinating quirky town. The history is readily apparent and the locals are proud to share it with you. By the grotto, a man stopped just to tell us about the area and in the pub, the bartender made a point of doing the same. And we’ve only just scratched the proverbial surface! Below, I’ve included a smattering of photos (apologies for the poor quality, which can be blamed on a combination of the failing light, my failing phone camera, and my lack of mastery over said phone). I’d particularly like to point out Leoni Bridge – visible in several pictures and the subject of my specially prepared poem for the festival.


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