New Poem – Stranger Than Fiction

Newsflash! My poem, Bookworm, has been featured by Pioneertown and you can read it here:

This piece will probably strike some people as surreal or bizarre, but the strangest part about it is that it’s true. I heard the story from a friend of mine who actually encountered this character when he was living in Boston. By the time I sat down to write the poem, quite a few years had passed and I was fuzzy on the details, so I tried to find something a little more concrete online. After a decent amount of digging, I wasn’t having much luck. But then I found this:

FYI: the pop-up ads on that site are a nuisance, but if you get past them and you want a little context for the poem, the video is worth a watch.

Of course, it’s not just about me and my poem. Make sure that you browse the rest of Pioneertown’s site and get a feel for the great writing they’re showcasing. As I’ve said before, I couldn’t do what I do without the support of these publications and they can’t do it without your support. So please, check them out.


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