The Eyes Have It

I’m proud to announce that my poem, On Pompano Beach, is currently The Missouri Review’s Poem of the Week. This piece was inspired by a stranger-than-fiction bit of click bait (no pun intended) that I stumbled upon years ago on several dubious ‘news’ sites, but the tale eventually found itself a more reputable home in National Geographic, where you can enjoy it in full without the distraction of junk in the sidebar or hideous pop-up ads.

In other news, one of my newest poems, Rorschach, has been accepted for publication by The Worcester Review. It isn’t due to appear until later next year, but I’m excited now, so why not share?

Last but not least, I was recently fortunate enough to receive my print contributor’s copy of Issue 3:2 of Impressment Gang. As I said previously, it looks great. But, now that I’ve read it, I also want to give special mention to the poetry of Neil Surkan and the short fiction of Andrew Boden, both of which caught my eye. Do buy a copy of this issue and check out these fine writers.


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