Speaking of Me Speaking With a Blog Called Speaking of Marvels

I’m back and I’ve got a variety of updates. First and foremost, The good people at Speaking of Marvels have posted an interview with me about my chapbook, (Reasons for) Moving. If you’re interested in gaining any extra insight into me or my writing, have a little peruse.

In other news, after a bit of confusion last year, I’ve finally got a poem out in the current issue of Phantom Drift. Be sure to pick up a copy and check out my take on the legendary Sphinx (think Thebes, not Giza).

In my continuing search for poetry events in my area, I recently discovered the Write Out Loud evenings held monthly at The New Inn in Woking. Last night, I took part and enjoyed the readings of other poets like Kitty Coles and Rodney Wood. I’d recommend it to anyone else looking for a place to read or listen to poetry and I hope to take part again in the future.

Speaking of local poetry events, I’ll be back at the Adelaide on the first Sunday in Dec for the poetry night there. They’ve even been kind enough to feature me, so you’ll get to hear a little interview, some poems, and some Q & A. Of course, you’ll also have the opportunity to pick up a copy of my chapbook.

phantom drift 7


A Tale of Two Pubs

A few weeks back, when Rhythm & Muse celebrated their 10 year anniversary at The Railway pub in Teddington, I joined in and I’m glad I did. It was a lovely evening of performances and, in addition to selling a copy of my book (woohoo!), I found a flyer for another poetry event right around the corner, at The Adelaide. For the last 4 months, a friendly bunch of poetry enthusiasts has been meeting in this fine drinking establishment’s upper room and running an open mic. They get together on the first Sunday of each month, so I popped in last night and had a really good time. Of course, it didn’t hurt that I sold another copy of my book! 🙂

To get an idea of each of these great venues, see the (admittedly low quality) snapshots below.

In other news, it was National Poetry Day last Thursday and, much to my embarrassment, I let the auspicious occasion pass without so much as a public acknowledgement on my part. Subscribing to the theory of better late than never, I’ve decided to include a little scrap here and now. Oddly enough, I more or less wrote this in my sleep. I’m not sure where I was going with it, or how it will ultimately turn out, but for now, consider it a work in progress. And, happy belated National Poetry Day to all of you.

While the strata of dust

on my regalia


with the composure

of a monarch

lying in state,

I wait.

Open Mic 12/9/17

Rhythm & Muse is hosting one of their fabulous evenings of poetry and music at The Railway Pub in Teddington next Tuesday the 12th from 8-11pm. In addition to featured performances by James Burton, Simon Stanley Ward, and The Flying Blueberries, there’ll be an open mic segment and I’ll be reading two poems from my debut chapbook, (Reasons for) Moving. If you haven’t picked up a copy yet, I’ll have some with me for sale, so be sure to bring some pocket money. Rhythm & Muse is a great place for insightful voices, both spoken and sung. I’ve read at these events several times before (see image below) and they’ve really helped me to read more confidently in public, so I’m excited to be getting back on their stage.

Comings and Goings

As I mentioned in my last post (and several times before), literary journals come and go very quickly. Just recently, I discovered that two more of the venues that published my work in the past have ceased to exist. For that reason, I must sadly wish farewell to the print publication Tellus Magazine and the online journal Phantom Kangaroo. They featured my poems In the Theatre of Epidaurus and Unidentified respectively. Fortunately, I’ve added a new section to this site where you can find all of the poems that I’ve reclaimed from these lost pages. Why leave them buried, right?

Anyway, it’s not all doom and gloom in this camp. After last year’s confusion, my poem, Sphinx, should finally be appearing this October in Issue 7 of Phantom Drift. Also, I contributed a ‘Pi Art’ post card design to Elbow Room’s 5th birthday celebration. Order their ‘Volume 17‘ and you just might end up with it or any one of the other brilliant designs!


Since 2011, my poems have appeared in around 40 different publications. Some of these were print magazines and anthologies available for purchase while others were digital journals that you could read for free. In the intervening years, several publications of both types have disappeared, much to my dismay. So, I thought now would be a good time to do a little recap. If you’re interested in reading the poetry that I’ve published so far, peruse all 17 of these journals for free online:

The Missouri Review, All the Sins, SoFloPoJo (scroll down), Pioneertown, Seethingography, Verse-Virtual, Cahoodaloodaling, Structo (Pg. 57), m58, Lines + Stars, The Writing Disorder, Lowestoft Chronicle (link currently broken), Mouse Tales Press, This Great Society, Red Booth Review, Moonshot Magazine (Pg. 19), Words, Pauses, Noises (here, here, and here).

If you like what you see, you can also purchase any or all of the 9 print publications listed below. This small investment in the arts will go a long way in keeping these things afloat. And while you’re at it, please consider picking up my debut chapbook, (Reasons for) Moving.

The Impressment Gang, Elbow Room, Inwood Indiana’s Reaping issue, The Twice Upon a Time and Storm Cycle 2015 anthologies (Order online), Issues 029 and 032 of The Dawntreader, Issue 52 of The Cannon’s Mouth (scroll down for purchasing instructions), Poetry Quarterly, Issue 70 of Decanto Magazine, and The Best Poetry of 2012.

Elbow Room Update

After a considerably long wait, not only is Elbow Room Volume 14 finally available for purchase on their website, it’s also ON SALE FOR HALF PRICE! For just 2.50, you can get hold of two of my favorite poems, Monument and Fundamentalism, not to mention loads of great stuff by other artists and writers. This sale is to celebrate Elbow Room’s 5th anniversary of being a publication, so please give us all something more to celebrate and buy a copy. Heck, buy ten.

Elbow Room Volume 14

The Eyes Have It

I’m proud to announce that my poem, On Pompano Beach, is currently The Missouri Review’s Poem of the Week. This piece was inspired by a stranger-than-fiction bit of click bait (no pun intended) that I stumbled upon years ago on several dubious ‘news’ sites, but the tale eventually found itself a more reputable home in National Geographic, where you can enjoy it in full without the distraction of junk in the sidebar or hideous pop-up ads.

In other news, one of my newest poems, Rorschach, has been accepted for publication by The Worcester Review. It isn’t due to appear until later next year, but I’m excited now, so why not share?

Last but not least, I was recently fortunate enough to receive my print contributor’s copy of Issue 3:2 of Impressment Gang. As I said previously, it looks great. But, now that I’ve read it, I also want to give special mention to the poetry of Neil Surkan and the short fiction of Andrew Boden, both of which caught my eye. Do buy a copy of this issue and check out these fine writers.

New Old News

When it comes to publication, the news tends to come in two parts: acceptance and appearance. Sometimes, the gap between them can be a long one. Sometimes, it’s even be longer than anyone could’ve expected, even the people putting together the literary journals. But, on the bright side, it gives writers two opportunities to get excited.

Though I initially got excited about being accepted by Elbow Room and Impressment Gang quite a while ago, the relevant issues have now finally landed in my lap and I’m thrilled all over again.

In the case of Impressment Gang, the news is bittersweet though, as the release of their Issue 3:2 comes with the sad news that they’ll be throwing in the towel after two more issues. It’s not too late to show this little magazine some support. I’d be thrilled if you bought this issue, as I’m particularly proud of the three poems that I have in it (Murmuration, Two Ways I Might Like It to Be, and The Stone’s Question). But don’t stop there! Buy their last two issues as well. Help them to go out with a bang and feel appreciated for the great work they’ve done. After all, 3:2 really does look great.

The story  with Elbow Room is a little different. Issue 14, which features my poems Monument and Fundamentalism, was actually launched at an event back on 23rd September 2016. Unfortunately, I didn’t find out about it until it was too late and therefore, was unable to attend. My contributor copy was on it’s way though, right? Well…something must’ve gone truly screwy with the postal service because it took no fewer than three attempts before it finally got to me! That said, I must thank the people at Elbow Room for their persistence. They must’ve thought I was just feeding the issues to my dog (and I don’t even have one). Anyway, I finally got Issue 14 a few weeks back and now that I’ve got a minute, I just wanted to sing its praises. The stunning art by Xiaoqiao Li and Minami Wrigley adds an extra dimension and the writing’s top notch as well. After reading Harry Denniston’s short story, Happy Anniversary, I thought “I want to meet these people, they sound wild”.

Issue 14 doesn’t appear in Elbow Room’s online shop yet, but I’m sure if you contact them (via social media?), you’d be able to get a copy.